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Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting Support
to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

DISCLAIMER:  These forecasts are non-operational and may not be current or available on a routine basis.

The WPC International Desks produce a forecast discussion (PMDCA) and five 24-hr QPF charts for days 1-5 circa 12 UTC from Monday through Friday, in support to Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting (QPF) practices in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. These products and their associated shapefiles are accesible in the following links.

Current Forecast Discussion (PMDCA)

24 Hour Totals ending at 12 UTC and Day 1-5 Loop :
Day 1 (F00-24 hr) Forecast Day 2 (F24-48 hr) Forecast Day 3 (F48-72 hr) Forecast Day 4 (F72-96 hr) Forecast Day 5 (F96-120 hr) Forecast

Cumulative 48, 72, 96 and 120 Hour Totals:
00-48 hr Forecast 00-72 hr Forecast 00-96 hr Forecast 00-120 hr Forecast


Link to other WPC International Desk Products


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