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Welcome to the Weather Prediction Center's Hydrometeorology Testbed (HMT) Webpage

Planning for the 2023-2024 Winter Weather Experiment (WWE) is underway. This year's experment will include Focus Groups and 3 intensive weeks (in Feb and March). There is also a seminar series that occurs at 1 pm Eastern every Tues/Thurs (excluding holiday and AMS weeks). If you are interested in participating please contact Massey Bartolini (massey.bartolini@noaa.gov) for more information.

This is an experimental webpage that displays operational and experimental Models and Ensembles. This includes the Rapid Refresh Forecast System (RRFS) deterministic and ensemble data. Our website refers to the RRFS deterministic as RRFSp1, which EMC calls RRFSa. Experimental dataflow is sporadic, so if a model/ensemble is missing check to see if there is an earlier run. If the model/ensemble is still missing, we apologize and hope to have data available next time you visit. EMC has changed the configuration for the RRFS Ensemble. As of Dec 8 2023 the ensemble is mixed physics membership with the HRRR included and time-lagged members.

The products shown on this webpage are NOT official NWS products. Information about WPC-HMT can be found here. If you have any questions about the webpage or HMT please contact Sarah Trojniak (sarah.trojniak@noaa.gov) or Jimmy Correia (james.correia@noaa.gov).

If you are interested in other developmental websites we support please see the Experiment Websites - Data Visualization tab in the HMT and NOAA Websites dropdown. This includes an interactive soundings viewer that displays HRRR and RRFSp1 soundings.

This year's FFaIR seminar slides can be found here and the WWE similar slide can be found here.

Forecast Hour

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HRRR - 1 hr Composite Reflectivity
This image is unavailable how unFFaIR.
Please use the slider to see if it is just this time period that is missing for this parameter or if it's the whole cycle that is missing.