NCEP Synergy Meeting Highlights: July 22, 2014

This meeting was led by LT Stephen Barry (EMC) and attended by Keith Brill, Mark Klein and Steve Zubrick (WPC); Becky Cosgrove, Justin Cooke and Chris Caruso-Magee (NCO);  Geoff DiMego, Eric Rogers, Mark Iredell, Vera Gerald, and Mary Hart (EMC); Kathy Gilbert (MDL); Aiyun Zhang (NOS); Bill Bua (UCAR); Mike Brennan and Mark DeMaria (NHC); Joe Sienkowitz (OPC); Dave Radall, Brian Miretzky and Jeff Waldstreicher (ER), John Eise (CR).

  1. NOTES FROM NCO (Chris Caruso-Magee)


        2a. Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch (GCWMB) (Mark Iredell)

        2b. Mesoscale Modeling Branch (MMB) (Geoff DiMego)

        2c. Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB) (Vera Gerald)



        4a. MDL (Kathy Gilbert)


4b. NCEP Centers and NWS Regions

Weather Prediction Center (WPC) (Keith Brill): Nothing to report.

Storm Prediction Center (SPC) (???): Visiting personnel at WPC testbed.

National Hurricane Center (NHC) (Mike Brennan): Nothing to report

Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) (no representative)

           Ocean Prediction Center (OPC) (Joe Sienkiewicz): Interested in changes to

Sea Ice Concentration Analysis, will look at output.  Will not be participating in Sea Ice Drift evaluation.               

Aviation Weather Center (AWC) (Ben Schwedler & Steve Lack) Completing NAM parallel evaluation and determining path forward for more high-resolution data sets until DS3 is upgraded.  Summer experiment taking place August 11-15.

Pacific Region (PR) (No representative)

        Alaska Region (AR) (Carven Scott): Will provide evaluation on Sea Ice Drift.

        Eastern Region (ER) (Brian Miretzky, Jeff Waldstreicher and Dave Radall):         

Question about availability of UKMET data.  NCO said this comes from TOC and

availability is not controlled by NWS.  

Western Region (WR) (No representative)

        Southern Region (SR) (No representative)

        Central Region (CR) (John Eise): Finishing NAM evaluation, anticipating HRRR         


  5. NESDIS (no representative)

The next Synergy Meeting will be Monday August 25 in NCWCP conference room 2890, with remote teleconferencing capability.